Home & Community Based Services

Knowing where to turn for assistance is crucial. Below is an overview of common home and community services that may be available to you. These types of services are intended to help older adults maintain wellness, independence and safety, to assist those who cannot live at home without assistance from family and/or formal services and to support family caregivers.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. Specific services and training vary among workers and agencies. So does cost. Typically, Medicare doesn't pay for home care. Many of these services have eligibility requirements such being 60 years old or older. Call 808-270-7774 for more information.

Service Definition and Examples
Transportation Transportation from one location to another; may include a helpful driver
Attendant care Companion assistance and or helpful reminders and oversight to assist with daily tasks such as preparing meals, shopping for personal and food items or using the telephone
Case management Crisis and longer term professional assistance for clients to identify needs, explore options, develop a care plan, link to and coordinate services, monitor and follow up
Chore Help with heavy housework
Home delivered meals Nutritious meals delivered to a client’s home
Homemaker Help with preparing meals, shopping for grocery and or personal items, managing money, using the telephone and doing light housework
Personal care Help to clients who are unable to bathe, eat, dress, toilet, and or transfer themselves safely
Housing Assistance Help with identifying housing needs, understanding options, and obtaining adequate housing to improve an individual’s present housing arrangement, or to relocate to more suitable housing when needed
Congregate Meals Nutritious meals provided in a group dining setting
Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services Health screenings, nutrition counseling and education and health maintenance programs to prevent and mitigate the effects of chronic diseases including osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease
Legal Assistance Legal advice and counseling provided by an attorney or other person acting under the supervision of an attorney
Recreation, Leisure, Physical Fitness (Kaunoa Senior Services) Programs encourage the older person to be active and productive based on their participation in health and fitness classes, music, art and dance sessions, lunch and learn lectures, excursions and more
Caregiver Respite Services which offer temporary, substitute supports or living arrangements for older persons in order to provide a brief period of relief or rest for caregivers. Examples include: (1) in-home respite such are personal care or homemaker services, and (2) respite provided by attendance of the care recipient at a senior center, adult day care or other non-residential program
Caregiver Counseling Information, referrals, support groups, training, education and counseling to assist caregivers in accessing services and resources, problem solving and making decisions related to their caregiver roles
Adult Day Care/Adult Day Care Respite Provides care outside the home. Participants have the opportunity to interact with others while being part of a safe and structured environment. Centers typically have staffed activities such as music and exercise programs and discussion groups
Adult Protective Services Provides crisis intervention, without regard to income, including investigation and emergency services for dependent adults who are reported to be physically abused, neglected or financially exploited by others or seriously endangered due to self-neglect
Friendly Visiting Volunteers provide friendly visiting (companionship), respite for caregivers, help with errands, transportation to medical appointments and grocery shopping assistance
Hospice Care Medical, social, and emotional services for the terminally ill and their families. Can be provided in the home or a facility
Medical Alarm and Safety Device Several types of personal medical alert systems exist on the market. Generally speaking, they provide immediate access to a trained professional in the event of a fall or an emergency with the click of a button that you wear
Home Modification Renovations to increase the ease of use, safety, security and independence in the home. Examples: installing grab bars or ramps. Using a licensed contractor is recommended

The following are general eligibility guidelines, but they do not apply to all services. Call 808-270-7774 for more detail:

- U.S. citizen or qualified alien
- 60 years or older
- Client is not already receiving service from another government (e.g. Medicaid) or private service (e.g. Home Health Agency) provider
- Live in a residence, not an institution (ICF, SNF, ARCH, hospital, foster family)
- Have impairment of two or more ADLs or IADLs or significantly reduced mental capacity
- Have one or more unmet ADL* or IADL** need

*ADL - Activities of Daily Living (eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, transferring, mobility)

**IADL - Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (preparing meals, shopping, managing money, using the telephone, doing housework, using public transportation, taking medications)