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Article: Agrability


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  1. Agrability

Agrability is a program which was begun in 1991 and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  It provides assistance to farmers, ranchers, agricultural workers and farm families which are impacted by one or more disabilities.

Agrability serves agricultural workers who are limited by physical, cognitive or illness-related disabilities such as amputation, arthritis, back/neck/spinal injuries, hearing or vision impairment, disabling cardiac and lung diseases or cancer, stroke or traumatic brain injury and developmental or acquired cognitive impairments.

Agrability Services include:
1. On-site assessments to identify barriers to completing tasks in the workplace and home.
2. Recommendations for assistive equipment, tools and devices, and modified work practices to overcome specific disabilities.
3. Providing informational materials targeting topics on disabilities within agriculture.
4. Providing training and education through workshops, seminars, conferences, and on-line programs.
5. Referring clients to service providers who specialize in the clients areas of concern.
6. Arranging for peer support opportunities so that clients can network with those in similar situations.

Who is leading this program?  The National Project is led by the Breaking New Ground Resource Center at Purdue University, in partnership with Goodwill Industries International, the Arthritis Foundation, the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.  As of May 2017, the project serves 26 States.

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