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Article: REMINISCENCE THERAPY - From Ask Dr. Marion

Reminiscence Therapy

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  1. Reminiscence Therapy

By Dr. Marion Somers, Ph. D., Ask Dr. Marion

QUESTION: Can you elaborate on the concept of reminiscence therapy, Doctor Marion? I'm looking for new ways to stimulate my aging dad since I'm his primary caregiver. Eileen in Michigan, 62

ANSWER: Reminiscence therapy is a way for your father to remember things that he did or liked to do in the past. One client of mine was a big Humphrey Bogart fan, so we'd sit and watch Bogart's movies. She'd remember who she first saw the movie with, and the smell of the popcorn that cost ten cents, and her first kiss in the balcony. Reminiscence therapy triggers all sorts of memories to stimulate the grey matter. It could also remind your dad of the good times he had when he was more vibrant and full of life. He wasn't always so fragile and sedentary, right? The best thing is that it could make your father feel better about himself, and that is always my goal as a caregiver.

I always encourage my clients to talk about their life, experiences, hobbies, dreams, and accomplishments. We all have a story to tell, and most people want to tell their story as long as someone is there to listen.


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